Sunday, April 15, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY! 4/15/12.

night-light [nahyt-lahyt]
1. A usually dim light kept burning at night, usually in a child's bedroom.

EX. Vegeta didn't really seem like the attentive or fatherly type, as far as I can remember. When he met future Trunks, he treated him like future junk. He seemed more interested in surpassing Goku than literally anything else. At his heart, he still seemed to have a seed of ambition that drove him toward evil goals. And yet, what if we only got half the story.

What if Vegeta was an attentive father? What if when Trunks wanted to go to the zoo, but was sick, Vegeta brought an elephant to their backyard? And what if when Bulla was scared of the dark, Vegeta was her night-light? かわいい!

P.S. Bulla = Bra in Japanese, haha, get it, Bulma = (ブルマー)Bloomers, Trunks = (トランクス)Trunks, Bulla= (ブラ)Bra. Ha ha, Akira Toriyama, you so funny.

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