Monday, April 16, 2012



So, Starkid, the production team behind the internet musical, A Very Potter Musical, put out a new musical last Friday dedicated to everyone's favorite Caped-Crusader, Batman. This hilarious musical is a fantastic satire of all things related to the cheesier side of the Dark Knight from satire of Superman's rivalry and Robin's "suckyness".

If you remember A Very Potter Musical, and/or its sequel, than you probably remember how the quality was mixed in those productions. This production is the most technically sound, with top notch sound quality, great numbers, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek spectacle. 

A definite must-see for fans of Batman, fans of Starkid, or fans of musicals. You can watch the whole thing by clicking the link below.

Or if you want some Harry Potter, check out A Very Potter Musical and/or its Sequel. They have a number of other productions that are definitely worth seeking out, as well.

You can also download the Album at the link below

 A link to Starkids: TEAM STAR KIDS!

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