Thursday, March 8, 2012


shadow people [shad-oh-peep-uhl]
1. Mythology. Supernatural shadow-like humanoid figures that, according to believers, are seen flickering on the walls, ceilings and in door ways, in their peripheral view. They are often reported for their quick, jerky movements and their ability to dissolve in and out of walls or mirrors.

They are believed to be evil and aggressive in nature, but some people consider them guardian angels. Other people believe that they are similar to the Harry Potter series dementors by feeding on negative emotions and being repelled by positive emotions. Some people believe they are extra planar, extra dimensional, or two-dimensional beings.

Several scientific explanations can be applied to such sightings: such as hallucinations and optical illusions brought on by physiological or psychological problems from lack of sleep to the use of medication.

Two of the more famous varieties are the "Hat Man" and the "Hooded Figure".

EX. Now before I begin this story, I need to make it clear that I'm a skeptic-- not only do I not believe in ghosts, they run completely contrary and even insult my spiritual beliefs, and I have never had a supernatural experience in the waking world. BUT, the purpose of this article is to open up some dialogue about this interesting subject and maybe inspire some new ghost stories that aren't about poltergeists, paranormal activities, or possession.

The first time I heard a story about shadow people or tall men was from a friend. He had told me about several experiences he has over the years. This particular experience happened when he was a kid living in Russia. He woke up one night to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was a public toilet across from his family's apartment. After exiting the bathroom, he saw some tall shadows standing in the hall walk into his house. He went into his house and immediately to his parent's bed. From there, he looked up, and saw the figures standing in the doorway.

This story certainly falls in line with other examples I've heard. If you have any shadow people experiences, please share in the comments below.

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