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This article serves to update my Grave Power build deck into Block-Constructed limitations. All of the cards in this iteration of the deck, as well as its sideboard coming in the final update, are strictly from the Innistrad Block (Pre-Avacyn Resored). The real point of this article is to show how this deck is evolving for my goal to build a Innistrad Block deck.

Expect to see an update version of this deck after Avacyn Restored drops May 4th. Hopefully, the new expansion will support the mechanics I've built into my deck and allows me to build a strong Green-Blue Self-Mill deck. We'll have to wait and see.

Intro Pack: Dark Ascension, Grave Power, Cost: $13
Note: You can see the full decklist of the original to compare by clicking HERE.

I have probably spent about $10 dollars on singles for this deck (some of which don't even appear in the deck) and I've probably spent about $24 bucks on boosters since the block arrived so we'll tack on an additional cost. MISCELLANEOUS COST: $24


You can find Magic Cards in super stores (Ex. Walmart, Target) but the best place you can buy your cards, meet other players, and play in events is at your local comic book store or hobby shop. I buy most of my cards at The Comic Cellar. Here is a link to its Google Maps location at 3620 Austin Peay Highway #2 Memphis, TN 38128.

Without further ado, with these purchases, I built...

The deck follows several themes including, but not limited to, : Treefolk, Wurms, Unblockable, and stealing power from beyond the grave. This deck is ultimately a G/Bl Self-Mill construction and, as this is not a popular mechanic, it has been a challenge to pull off.

Also, I only try to build and present decks that I can afford, this deck is still in a prototype phase, and I hope you will be able to enjoy it. This version of the deck only includes cards from the Innistrad Block and only includes cards I own physical copies of. The final version of this deck will be posted in May and will be titled, "The Haunted Wurmwood Deck: Loggernaut Edition".

UPDATE: The newest version of the deck and not necessarily final version is named "Mirror Mirror on the Wall!"

NOTE: This is the THIRD iteration of this deck. Please leave comments and suggestions on how to improve my deck. To compare it to different versions, check out the links near the top of the articles labeled as "Wurmwood Deck V. 1" and "Wurmwood Deck V. 2". Enjoy.

Please leave comments.

To check out the contents of the deck, click "READ MORE" below.

 Contains 60 Cards
(20 Cards: 6 Blue Creatures,  14 Green Creatures )

Deck contains. 2.
Reasons? Two of the things my deck were missing: more ways to mill than just spells and some cheaper fatties. His toughness guarantees that I can hold my own early game and dumping four cards guarantees my other cards have the grave fuel to keep going. This fat graveyard digging fool looks like a Honed Turtle with a drawback, but that drawback is a huge asset in decks that use grave-mill.

Deck contains. 2.
Reasons? This is a great card to play when your opponent swings at you with something nasty. You Flash this baddy as an instant, destroy the charging foe, and, if he is destroyed in the process, he adds another beast to the graveyard and, therefore, a +1/+1 to all the critters that feed off the graveyard's rotting matter.

"THEY CALL ME DOCTOR WORM!"- They Might Be Giants
Deck contains.3.
Reasons?  The Wurms that make my deck so nasty had to be this grave-digging critter. He is a simple beast that grows with time. With each card dumped from the library and each creature you lose to wear and tear, Boneyard Wurm just gains more potential. Pair him with some interesting enchantments and he becomes a devastating beast of the Wurmwood.

Update: This bad boy is a great card for this deck. I can summon him just to put creature in my graveyard or, when the graveyard is nice and full, pull out this big boy for some devastating brutality. He lacks the Trample or mill mechanic of Splinterfright but he gets the job done cheap.

Bambi's Mom serves the Cycle of Death
Deck contains. 3.
Reasons? This card is just brilliant in this deck. He is a 2/2 for 2 that sacrifices for land. This is awesome. Not only does it get you all the mana you need for the big beasties and spells, but it also adds to your graveyard.

Update: What else is there to say about Dawntreader Elk? He gets me mana and fills the grave.And he can block before he is sacrificed. Its a nifty card to have early and often.

Deck contains. 2.
Reasons? Initially, I viewed this early drop as a weenie filler, but after adding him back in, ignoring the theme, I find this guy gets the job done. He gets me extra mana, puts cards in my graveyard, and when he dies becomes part of the graveyard. I treat him like a colorless land that can can mill, block, and then fill the graveyard when he needs to. He has definitely earned back his place.

Deck contains. 2.
Reasons? By the time I'm ready to put this bad boy on the field, I've already for six or so monsters in my graveyard, and it only costs me 2 mana to put this on the field. Then, I'll get this tree to flying and swing harder than the Whomping Willow.

Update: I love this card so much that I just had to pick up a second. This is the flagship for this deck. It really is a fantastic sweeper and I'd like to rack up four by the end of the year. A lot of my games rely on getting a Ghoultree boosted up (Increasing Savagery, Wreath of Geists), made unblockable (Artful Dodge), and swinging to a one hit kill for the win. It is because of cards like this that I hope to see more Zombie Treefolk in Avacyn Restored. It is because of this card that the final version of the deck will be subtitled, "Loggernaut Edition".

"I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me." The Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison
Deck contains. 2.
Reasons? Alright, I needed a cheaper asset for this deck than Lumberknot or Towergeist. The solution comes in the hand of another tricorn hat wearing bastard. Yet, rather than having him being a flying spirit with an okay mill or a hexproof log that feeds upon death, we get an ublockable untouchable menace. Attach Wreath of Geists and he becomes a serious aggressive threat.

"And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?
  Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
  O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'
  He chortled in his joy." -Jabberwocky, Lewis Carroll
Deck contains. 1.
Reasons?  I can't have everything in life and I'm afraid that my other options for a beefy green card were quite limited in the block. The biggest wurm in the block is just a little too conditional to be worth it. What makes this insect fit into a groovy spot in my deck is his ability to pull two creatures out on the battlefield in his stead. This can makes him a worthwhile addition. Oh, and he is totally eating a Dawntreader Elk in his card art.

"The Ents are going to war." -Treebeard, Lord of the Rings: The Two Tower
Deck contains. 1.
Reasons? This guy just can't stay out of my deck. As Boneyard Wurm's trampling, self-milling big brother, this aggressor can do a lot of damage fast. I just wish he had hexproof instead of trample... But that is a minor gripe. A simpler, slimmer, greener version of this deck would have at least three of these suckers.
Deck contains. .
Reasons? Oh, Tree of Redemption, let me count the ways and reasons I count you among the best cards in the set: the artwork and flavor text are perfect, four mana for a 0/13 with a fantastic ability is wonderful, but most important is the number of amusing combos this card is capable of.

Update: I have one of these in my Auramonger Deck and one here. This deck has a lot of flexible uses. In this deck it serves the purpose as a big defender, but becomes even more useful when combo'd with Feed the Pack. This provides an alternate win strategy if I am out of ways to get past through my opponents defenses without swinging with as many wolves as possible. To read more about that, check out the card further down.

  "The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
  And burbled as it came!"-Jabberwocky, Lewis Carroll
Deck contains. 1.
Reasons? It's not often I do this but I had to pick up a Vorapede for about 6 bucks. I just love everything about this card! It's a five mana drop that's a 5/4 with Vigilance and Trample! Then, he has undying which makes your opponents Doomblades and other burn cards terribly inefficient at dealing with Vorapede. Make this critter fly and he is more terrifying than most dragons I've encountered, especially at this efficient cost.

Update: I have nothing negative to say about this card. I love it from its tendrils to its maw.

Enchantments, Instants and Sorcery
(18 Cards: 3 Blue Instants, 2 Blue Sorceries, 4 Green Enchantments, 3 Green Instants, 6 Green Sorceries)

Deck contains. 2.
Reasons? I think a lot of people who rate cards have a rather snobby view of cards. For example, a lot of people in reviewing this card, compared it cards from sets long past. I think they underestimate the usefulness of this card, especially with flashback. This card combos with a Ghoultree or another pumped monster, to guarantee a win.

Update: I keep flip-flopping between having three Artful Dodges or three Wreath of Geists in my deck because both cards combo for the win. This card has done more than prove its worth for making this deck win aggressively and has single handedly turned around most of the games I've played. Expect to see one of these in my sideboard.
Deck contains. 1.
Reasons? Holy crap. When I was looking over potential cards to pick up for my deck, I spotted this baby and, like anyone else who looks at this set, immediately thinks of Tree of Redemption. Then, I went to my local shop, spotted the two cards, snatched them up for three bucks, and bam they're in the deck. Put this down, sacrifice the tree, and 13 2/2 wolves come on the field for the WIN! Yeah, the card can be struck from the field and it is a late game play, but so can just about anything. This combo is too good and too fun.

Update: This card is so effective that I can foresee building a G/R Wolf deck around it in the future. The card is vital as my secondary win strategy.

Deck contains. 1.
Reasons? A lot of people would probably snub this card, but, with this deck, its far too useful. The first time I used it, I was getting pummeled, but played this and immediately flashed it back for 24 health! I wouldn't be surprised if I found myself picking up another one of these bad boys soon.

Update: This card certainly comes in handy and I picked up a second for my sideboard.
Deck contains. 1.
Reasons? In a deck that's all about getting a Ghoultree or something else chunky swinging away or even boosting your sacrifices for Feed the Pack this card is pretty awesome. Another card I snatched up from the shop, this card is great, even if it gets discarded. Heck, when it is played from a graveyard...YOU GET 10 +1/+1 counters. Slap those on a Ghoultree and combo with an Artful Dodge for touchdown.

Update: This card is so brutal that I'd love to pick up a second one.
Deck contains. 1.
Reasons? Conclusion? I need another one of these for this deck. Not only does it save some cards from the grave and restock my has flashback! I'll definitely be picking up another one of these in my next trip to the Comic Cellar.

Update: This card certainly works well, but I don't need to run two. As long as I get in my hand, I can use it twice and, if it ends up in the grave, I can use it once.
Deck contains. 3.
Reasons? Thematically? This card is superb. But it is pretty inferior to Cultivate which both guarantees you two lands and allows you to play one. Furthermore, putting to many of these in my deck could burn it out. Don't get me wrong, if I find my graveyards need to fill faster, I'll be putting more of these puppies in my deck.

Update: So, now that I've subtracted Evolution Charm from my deck, I need a reliable way to mill. Mulch gets the job done.
Deck contains. 2.
Reasons? The general consensus on this set's Naturalize is that its art is way better than the core set's crappy glass bauble art and that the flavor text is a lot of fun. This is one of the most decent removal cards in the set because it has always been one of the most decent removal cards in the game. I find it difficult to imagine a Green deck without two of these classics.

Update: 2 in the deck, 2 Crushing Vines in the sideboard, what more is there to say?

Make your enemies defense disappear.
Deck contains. 2.
Reasons? I am going to be honest. I dislike this card. Its a sorcery and its flashback is expensive. The only thing that made me put it in the deck is the need for some decent blue removal. I ran into a creature the other day that completely derailed my deck. Ideally, I'll find a better card for the final version of this deck or be confident enough to sideboard these. Suggestions for a replacement blue or green that can fulfill this purpose would be greatly appreciated.
Deck contains. 2.
Reasons? This is a great way to get those creatures out of your deck when you need them but, thanks to its flashback ability, I am not so sure if I need two in here. This card's only drawback is that it can burn your mana out of your deck if you don't use it carefully.

Update: I tossed another one of these in the deck to make up for the loss of Lead the Stampede. Also, since the deck gravemills faster than ever, that flashback comes in handy.
Deck contains. 3.
Reasons? This card doubles the power and toughness of your Boneyard Wurms and Splinterfrights. It is almost always guaranteed to give you a +1/+1 but even better it give your monsters anywhere from a +1/+1 to a +10/+10. This adds to the incentive to get monsters in your graveyard and makes those Boneyard Wurms terribly attractive and useful.

Updates: I put another of these bad boys back in the deck. Its cheap and can turn any of my creature into the big bad beat-em-up beast I need. Pair with Artful Dodge for the scoop.
( 22 Cards: 7 Blues, 14 Greens, 1 Others)

Contains 14
Contains 1
Contains 7


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