Saturday, March 31, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY! 3/31/12.

devastation [dev-uh-stey-shuhn]
1 Destruction, desolation, etc.
2. The reduction of an object, idea, or state into a ruined or useless form.
3. To put an end to an object, idea, state, etc.
4. To defeat completely.

EX. "Prepare for a return to traditional values
         And prepare to focus on religious issues
         To protect America from devestation
         To enslave all pokemon within our nation
         To denounce the evils of truth and drugs
         To extend our reach to the Moon above
         Rocket Party, steer the country to the Right
         In November vote for us before election night!
         Arceus bless America. "- A Message Brought to you by the Supporters of Giovanni-Meowth 2012.

As long as he keeps those darn Obamacare pokeman centers out of America, I'll be happy! Those things are death camps! Yeah! Muslim!

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