Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WORD OF THE DAY! 12/6/11

voracious [vaw-rey-shuhs]
1. craving or consuming large portions of food.
2. exceedingly eager or avid.
3. monstrously hungry; starving; blood-thirsty.

EX. The moblins carefully crept down the hall past piles of shattered armor and body parts, stepping over their fallen comerades, as they attempted to search for the trespasser. Up ahead, they saw a shadow with two points like horns extending from its head, in the fountain room. The smallest moblin, Gormo, carefully took the lead and peaked into the chamber. To his horror, he watched as the man-elf tore blue fairies from mason jars and tore into them like a voracious beast. He was transfixed by the horror of the gnawing, chomping, slurping sounds of the grisly meal.

The moblins turn tail and ran. They heard the hero spin about and tried to turn about face. Gormo was hit by a blue boomerang that froze him where he stood. He was forced to watch in horror as his friends were each cut down, paralyzed, trying desperately to get free. The last thing he saw the blood-splattered face of the demon as it rose it's sword high above it's head and let out a howl of  


His head tumbled to the ground and rupies fell from his coin pouch. The gnome-like man carefully scooped up the gems and continued on his way past the dead guards.

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