Monday, December 12, 2011

WEEKLY ROUND-UP! 12/5-12/11 2011


It has been a month since we dived into Skyrim. I've put a day or more worth of hours into the game and I still haven't scratched the surface of the Nordic homeland. It is the most immersive single player game on the market, right now, and if you don't have it...WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!

WARNING! After a good six hour session of Skyrim you may look down at your hands, expect an inventory menu to pop up, and then expect to be able to equip an Elven War Axe in your right hand and a Conjure Atronach spell in the other.

Captain Strong needs to return to DC Universe tomorrow. If US-1 was good enough for an awesome cameo with a space-traveling semi, than I want to see an immortal sailor man who runs on "sauncha" and fights alongside Aquaman. Steal my idea theoretical comic book writer or artist reading this!

I always wondered if Link ate the hearts of his enemies to regain his strength, but always assumed the faeries healed him in exchange for being released. I am a big fan of fantasy from the monster or minion perspective as you can see in the little short vignette provided as an example.

You can tell I am psyched about the article writing that I'm going to get back to over break. Its been a while since I wrote entire articles about my words of the day, and the two big ones I did this week were a lot of fun to write. If there are any heroes you'd like to see me research and feature, leave a comment below.

And Booster Gold is the man.

The world needs more Superman. The character has received a lot of flak for two primary reasons: he is not as a cool as Batman and he is a big target. The golden standard of super heroism, Superman is as timeless a character as Batman, and deserves to be given the same treatment that Batman has received in his various evolutions. 

Some cynical people out there want gritty and dark super heroes and claim that the altruism of older super heroes is ridiculous. But to quote Superman, "What's so funny about Truth, Justice and the American Way?"

It really was a lot of fun finding all these ridiculous magazine covers and captioning them for you guys. Perhaps I was a little hard on the men that subscribed to these magazines, because I think if they reissued these into a collection I would buy it in a heart beat. Is it ridiculous, chauvinistic, and basically socially wrong in every sense? You bet. But it's also hilarious.

I am pretty proud of silly little scribbles that I drew last Thursday. It was a lot of fun drawing pocket monsters in my cartoonish style. If you're wondering why I didn't color them-- its a mix of laziness and a oddball pleasure in grayscale art. I'd like to draw more of these pokemans over break and maybe I'll color some of them. Heck, maybe I'll make it a challenge to post at least one pokemon a day on my blog. Just gotta wait to get a head start. Also, pokemon themed christmas cards for my friends. Huzzah!

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