Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WEEKLY ROUND-UP! 12/19-12/25 2011


Seriously, nothing is more jolly than Batman with a can of spray plastic explosives and a city of unsuspecting criminals to terrorize. Haven't played my new copy of Arkham Asylum but I am itching to get that sucked out of its box!

Gojirra! King of Shrubbery Monsters!

Gojirra: King of Shrubbery Monsters vs. Amerikajin Kurisumasu Deberu! OR
ゴジッラ VS. アメリカ人クリスマスデベル !

Dedicated to Terry Pratchett, my favorite author and believer in the power of believing.

This film means so much to me and I probably have watched it about once a year (or major sections of it once year) every year since I can remember. For me, it is Christmas and Halloween wrapped up in a big bow with a card that says, "Yes, its okay."

Between Blue Beetle and Booster Gold I hope I've managed to expose a couple of people to these awesome characters.

1. WORD OF THE DAY! 12/24/11. Man's Best Friend.

I thought it would be a fun Christmas article to write a little history about Krypto the Superdog but it touched me a lot. I have to admit, to my embarrassment, that when I was writing about Krypto's death, I had to stop myself from tearing up.

If Superman is a great role model and dogs are great role models, then Krypto is someone to be admired.
Epic Beard is Back! And I got a Sonic Screwdriver for Christmas!

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