Monday, June 22, 2015


Let's start this week with the haunting whimsy of Pogo's latest album, Kindred Shadow. Pogo is a fantastic artist who manages to capture an image-- through capturing the sound--, a shadow of a moment in time, from classic films and transform them into something that will propel you into an emotional place you didn't expect. Check it out.

Heroes of the Storm is my current pick for my MOBA to play when I'm not playing League of Legends. It is a bit more casual and I'm not as invested into the characters, meta, etc. but I still enjoy playing it on MOBA Mondays with my buddy Aceofspadescard.

Between this and Hearthstone, I have some good reasons to load up this year.

And now let's talk about my current obsession...

Steven Universe is amazing.

Just, just imagine a show that combines the gorgeous weirdness of Adventure Time but matures it up with a good dose of anime drama straight from the likes of Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball and follows that up with complicated relationships, character growth and a slew of bizarre mysteries to unravel that reminds me of the best of Avatar:The Last Airbender.

And it airs on Cartoon Network!

Steven Universe follows an unconventional family of heroes, the Crystal Gems, made-up of the stoic and too cool leader Garnet, the graceful and wise matron Pearl, the fun and fierce firecracker Amethyst. And Steven! The show begins as a pretty whacky show that mixes small town beach life with monster-of-the-week problems but quickly goes from the shallows of Beach City to the depths of outerspace as they pursue threats to the Earth and becomes a character driven action-packed drama that will have you shaking with excitement. Rebecca Sugar certainly delivers something familiar and unique with this inspired series.

Seriously, do yourself a favor, if you're a fan of animation, and check it out.


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