Thursday, June 25, 2015


gourmand [gohr-mahnd]
1. A person who is fond of eating, often indiscriminately and to excess.
2. A gourmet; epicure.

EX. The next champion in League of Legends roster (feels like we got introduced to Ekko yesterday) is a rather big catch in the form of the people-eating catfish monster from the bayous and backwaters of the world, Tahm Kench, the River King.

This gluttonous gourmand is a consummate gentleman, styled with a thick deep South accent and the appropriate manners, up to and after he has gotten his fill-- whether his fill is everything or just everything you love. Tahm Kench seems to play a genie-like role in the LoL-verse by offering Faustian pacts to the unlucky fools that wander into his by-ways. And so, I think we're glad to see another monstrous champ. But how does his personality and story translate into gameplay?

Now look here, son. Tahm Kench has got a buffet of abilities that help him to nibble out a nice niche in the bot lane as an unlikely chum to some whimpy support or as a wandering solo-laner with incredible mobility and decent ganks.

His passive Acquired Taste applies stacks to champions whenever he laps them up with his tongue using basic attacks. When he hits three stacks, his intereaction with the champion, hehe, well, the real fun begins! With his Q, Tongue Lash, he shoots his lingua grande to lick the competition! Rooting himself, Tahm Kench fires his tongue in a straight line and slows all targets hit and, if they had three stacks of Acquired Taste, they're stunned. Then his W, Devour, is either going to troll your allies or troll your lane for kills! Tahm Kench's W allows him to swallow up an enemy minion and spit them out, swallow up an enemy and walk their invulnerable bodies for a few seconds, or swallow an ally, get a speed boost, and escape with his newfound catch! This ability is great for disabling and isolating pesky enemies or saving your squishies! His E, Thick Skin, allows him to take damage as a grey bar and, after leaving combat, regian some of that as health. You can also activate it to convert the grey bar into a temporary shield. Finally, his ult, Abyssal Voyage, which also adds % health to his abilities in damage, is the best thing on the menu since it allows Tahm Kench and another ally to travel across the map after a short to delay.

Altogether, we got a fascinating new facilitator of ganks, escapes, and chowdowns in our midst. And he has a Master Chef skin? How delectable!

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