Friday, June 26, 2015

WORD OF THE DAY! 6/26/15!

professional wrestling [pruh-fesh-uhn-uhl-res-uhl-ing]
1. A performance that combine athletics, acrobatics, and theater into a series of events that make up the action-packed dramas in the story arcs of the headlining characters created by the performers.

EX. Wrestling is fake. So what? Wrestling is ridiculous. So what?

Super hero comic books are both fake and ridiculous and I love them because of that.

In the amazing video featured above, "Wrestling is Wrestling", Max Landis breaks down the wrestling career of Triple H to show how a single character is transformed over 20 years of story-telling. And it's awesome.

The things that seem stupid can be awesome in the right context. And I can appreciate that as a fan of over the top fiction, even if I'm not a wrestling fan.

So celebrate the things that are stupid but awesome.

Like Hercule/Mr. Satan.

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