Monday, March 30, 2015


I can't think of a better way to start a week that promises to have some more Star Wars related content than by sharing this awesome animation project set to a heavy metal track!

I can't believe I forgot to write an article about Bard, League of Legends' newest champion, but I have a few excuses and reasons I think I made that mistake:

1. I was on vacation during his hype build.
2. It just completely slipped my mind.
3. While a conceptually fascinating champion, his execution left me with something to be desired.

Yeah, #3 is a bit harsh but I can put it this way; usually new League champs aren't banned by teams to keep their own teammates from picking them! Bard is a highly mobile support character with only one low damaging ability and low survivability but with high mobility and utility and some strong auto attacks and CC....IN LATE GAME. When a champion isn't viable until you've already lost bot lane and the enemy bot lane and jungle have feasted upon you and your lane partner, you know something is a bit amiss.

I hope this Miyazaki-esque champion gets the buffs he deserves to be a more competitive champion at every ELO.

This newest Game Grumps remix has a delightful mix of Dan Avidan's delightful marine biologist impression against the grating, nasal and high-pitched voice of Arin Hanson's grandson character that sounds like he should be slapped. I'm sorry. Too far. Too bad. Deal with it... AMERICA!

Oh and the last video below? I've been debating whether to put it in the Music Monday or WTF Wednesday category, because it fits both. So be warned that there are very inappropriate lyrics in this professional level musical parody. You have been warned!

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