Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Krillin was my favorite Dragon Ball Z character as a kid. I mean, I wanted to be Gohan up until the point that he became Saiyaman, but I always had a fondness for Goku's best friend, side kick, and comedy relief, Krillin.

In a show with battles between super villainous monsters and usually the uber innocent and pure Goku, Krillin, while arguably the most powerful human alive, was also human. Krillin was a brave Z-Warrior but he was capable of fear (often having to hide from stronger opponents), love (falling in love with Android 18), and anger (he wanted to finish off an injured Vegeta after he and Nappa directly led to the death of not only most of his friends but hundreds, if not thousands, of people but Goku stopped him).

Krillin may often be the butt of jokes in the nostalgic memeverse but he will always be a great character in my book.

Speaking of nostalgia, it was revealed that Disney/Pixar are making a Toy Story for a 2017 cinema release and, to my pride, most people are confused, upset, and even angry with the audacity of continuing the franchise with a direct sequel.

Each Toy Story film upped the ante from the simply tale of identity and friendship of the first film, dealing with love and loss in the tolerable second film, and the issues of abandonment and death in the heartbreaking third film. After the third film, in which the toys bond over their acceptance of their fate and the inevitability of their purpose/lives eventually ending, what is left to explore in the incredibly dark world of sentient toys?

Seriously Pixar, I thought you guys made art first and franchises second. Then again, Cars. Cars 2. Planes. Planes: Fire and Rescue. Inevitably, Cars 3: Carpoacalypse.


The Onion is on fire lately. This interview confirms everything that I imagined about the allusive figure behind everything from the holocaust to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

I need to find some food.

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