Thursday, May 29, 2014

WORD OF DAY! 5/29/14!

Choose Your Own Adventure [chooz-yoor-ohn-ad-vench-er]
1. Literature. A series of children's books with the stories told in second-person and the reader taking on the role of the protagonist. The book is sectioned so that the protagonist makes choices that correspond to further sections of the book that determine their story's outcome.
2. Any sort of media that allows the audience to decide the outcome by making choices.

EX. Ukinjoe used to animated cartoons called Frumplequest about a conquistador named Frumplequest and his companion Dust traveling the high seas in search for adventure, treasure, and comidia de tragedia.

Luckily, Ukinjoe has chosen to continue the series with a new Choose Your Own Adventure series of videos about Frumplequest searching for treasure on Gumpy (sp?) island.

If you like Ukinojoe, enjoy the nostalgia of point and click adventures like King's Quest, or just like comic violence, check it out.

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