Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 5/27/14!

大怪獣/daikaiju [dahy-kay-joo]
1.  Japanese. A film term, literally "giant strange beast", that is used to described monsters of Godzilla's size and their films.

EX. A lot of people are giving the King of Daikaiju a lot of harassment over his weight, but you know what? Godzilla will always be beautiful  to me! Stop the fat-shaming! Godzilla is a strong, independent harbinger of destruction and doesn't need no fashion magazine to tell him he is too big to climb the Chrysler building! Those curves are what allow Godzilla to be the kaiju we need to "return the balance"! You go you magnificent thunder-thighed thunder lizard!

As for a short review on the film after some rumination: The atmosphere and build up to the monster fighting in the latest Godzilla film, products of a talented director, work the audience into a frenzy so that, by the last and glorious twenty or so minutes of glorious special effects, they forget they just spent a whole hour watching the kid from Kick Ass stumble from convenient set-piece to trite set-piece while they were teased by giant monsters on the news after the film ripped away the only human character we were really invested in. 4/5.

(Take in to consideration this rating is based on the fact that I was going to see a Godzilla film and my expectations of the film.)

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