Monday, December 23, 2013


This little ditty had me whistling the soundtrack from Home Alone for two nights straight at work and, really, that's the most Christmasy I've felt this season (save when I've spent time with my friends and family). It really makes you appreciate the care and effort put into the film's soundtrack has helped it stand the test of time as a Christmas classic. And the sequel is good too. But the next sequel is kinda suck too.

And the fourth movie is just awful. Terrible. Horrible Awful.

What's better than Danny Avidan and Arin Hanson, of Game Grumps, teaming up for a new band? A new Egoraptor (AKA Arin Hanson) cartoon based on a song from their debut album ft. Rachel Bloom. It puts the classic rivalry of Mario and Luigi on display, over the affections of the fair Princes Peach, and is a fun way to close out the Year of Luigi. It's a fun bit of fan fiction that is pulled right out Game Grumps. I dunno if I think Mario deserves to be portrayed as a sexual maniac and Luigi a soft-spoken and sensitive lover, but I digress. It's pretty frickin' sweet.

This is the best animated work Ego has ever done, in my humble opinion, with a level of detail, style, and visual humor that really shows off his talents that, when combined with the lyrics, creates an awesome story. It's not Christmasy, but it deserves to be seen right now.

Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard from the best Stark Trek, The Next Generation (in my humblest opinion), remixed to sing a Christmas Song? Best Christmas ever.

And if you didn't like one of these videos, even a little...

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