Monday, November 11, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 11/11/13!

Geronimo [juh-ron-ih-moh]
1. 1829-1909, American Apache Indian chief.
2. A battlecry used by American paratroopers, after jumping out of a plane, during World War II.

EX. Coming to BBC on November 23rd, 2013 is the very hyped up 50th Anniversary special for Doctor Who featuring David Tenant & Billie Piper, returning as their roles as the 10th Doctor & Rose Tyler, and the guest inclusion of John Hurt as the darkest incarnation of the Doctor yet.

As a Whovian, I gotta say I'm excited to see the story that will be the beginning of the end of Matt Smith's run as the Dcotr. Despite some weak and/or repetitive story elements, such as both companions being mysterious/impossiblegirl, every story winding up as a love story, & convoluted solutions to almost every problem, Matt Smith's 11th Doctor, as an ancient and lonely old man in the body of a goofy dandy that went to extraordinary lengths to manipulate and fool his enemies with his schemes, was an interesting counterpoint to the 10th's light-hearted and cheeky manner that could quickly turn into a terrible wrath without mercy for his enemies, as portrayed by David Tennant. As this most recent chapter comes to a close all I can say is:


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