Monday, November 11, 2013


This week I decided to feature the Japanese opening for the latest Pokémon anime, X & Y, where it appears Ash's journey continues from Unova to Kalos, where new experiences, from meeting friends to catching new Pokémon to overcoming new challenges, await. It is all very French.

This season, our immortal champion seems to have grown just a little bit, maybe a year or two, from his most recent incarnation. Much like the Doctor, in his newest regeneration, Ash will seek out new companions to help him repeatedly save the world from destruction. In fact, early on, Ash performs daring heroics, captured on Kalos's news channel, by stopping a Garchomp on a rampage. It appears this Ash is much more mature, strategic, and competent than the last. This season his companion is, once again, a girl from the region he is exploring:

P.S. Pikachu is still badass and adorable.

Serena is based on the female protagonist of the region's main series games, much like May & Dawn were from their respective region, and seems to have a very vivacious, outgoing, and friendly personality with a hobby/interest in fashion. Her mother is a Rhyhorn racer who hooks her up with Professor Sycamore to get her first Pokémon Fennekin and meets Ash. Yet, this isn't the first meeting because, while Ash doesn't recognize her, Serena knows him from her past. Perhaps we can discover something about Ash's past? Will we get to see the Ash that fought in the time war? Perhaps we'll learn about his home planet? Am I confusing you?

Last but not least, Ash's other two companions are the Lumiose Gym Leader, Clemont, a nerdy but keen inventor, and his little sister, Bonnie, who wants to help her brother find a bride and become a Pokémon trainer herself when she becomes older. With a Dedenne following our friends on their journey, perhaps she will get her wish soon.

P.S. Team Rocket are still funny.

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