Wednesday, May 29, 2013


First up, we've got a fantastic animation from Jaxamoto that perfectly captures reality TV and the internet's flavor of the week meme, Crazy Amy's Baking Company from Kitchen Nightmares. The episode goes down as the first time that the show's host, Gordon Ramsay (a popular meme mainstay for years), has actually given up on saving a restaurant.

Something I found particularly amusing about the animation in this video is how it reminded me of Adult Swim classic Home Movies. I think it was a fun little nod to the episode where Brendan is looking after a crazy cat couple's pet feline and it escapes, catches rabies, and is put down. The funny thing about that episode is that, much like the tragedy befalling Crazy Amy's restuarant and her partner (who might get deported), by the end you really don't feel sorry for these nutjobs. And this is coming from a really nice guy. Anywho...

Okay. So we're all pretty hyped for Metal Gear Solid 5. Hideo Kojima is a mad genius and MGS4 was one of the best games that I played in the last generation. But, despite how much we love the franchise, Kojima, being a mad genius, has made some strange moves before. This time seems that David Hayter (voice actor and screenwriter extraordinaire) will NOT be reprising his role as Snake in the next game.

This is pretty disappointing situation for most MGS fans. In this week's video from Zan, we'll have to see if he can save Snake's voice with a little help from a couple of Grumps.

And lastly, and probably leastly, is the tiny tyrant Kim Jong-Un's pro-player pick for League of Legends that is an amusing satire of the Pro Player Pick videos that Riot Games has become quite fond of posting.

And really, that's it. Goodbye.

I need a new hat.

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