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 Few entertainment industries are more infamous for their dangerous turn into a constructed plastic machine from the production of teen idols (The Beiber) to the bands shoved down our throats against all practicality (I'm looking at Nickelback and LMFAO). Yet, I declare today's fake crap is no where near as putrid and lazy as the pop music of the 1990's.

Today I'm back and I wanna start things off by shouting out to someone I truly admire as both a critic of generally nerdery and as an entertainer. Noah Antwiler aka "The Spoony One" aka "Spoony" aka "Spoony-Wan Kenobi" has been on the internet review scene for years. He produces hilarious retrospectives and reviews from his introspective reviews of the Ultima Series to his rant-tastic rants on the Final Fantasy series to hilarious dedications to all that is Reb Brown. He also plays a plethora of characters from Dr. Insano (Pictured Above) to Black Latnern Spoony. He is one of my favorite internet personalities.

For Musical Monday I would like to introduce you all to his reviews of the FMV HELL series. For those of you who that don't know what the heck an FMV is let me explain; an FMV or Full Motion Video is, essentially, a film that has been turned into an interactive experience. Such games are mostly filled with the equivalent of Quick-Time Events (button or cue appears on screen, hit button), but the more complex one's included elements of several genres from FPS to RPG. The most famous and beloved FMV games would be the games in Don Bluth's Dragon's Lair and Space Ace Series.

Yet, for every good FMV title, and there were not a lot really, there are probably about ten dreadful, confusing, and/or insane titles out there. The subject of the review linked below is a three part video reviewing four FMV games in the "Make My Video" series. Basically, each game involves watching three music videos, editing them, and then submitting them for a final score. The games are pretty awful but only accentuated more by the craptastic bands they cover. What makes them most entertaining is the bizarre cameos from actors like Seth Green, Lawrence Fishburn and Phil Lamar.

FMV HELL- MAKE MY VIDEO (Part 1: Marky Mark and INXS)

FMV HELL- MAKE MY VIDEO (Part 2: Kriss Kross)

FMV HELL- MAKE MY VIDEO (Part 3: C + C Music Factory)


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