Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WEEKLY ROUND-UP! 1/2-1/8 2012


So, this was a rather embarrassing first vlog, but I learned some things from it: 1. Get better lighting. 2. Look at the camera and focus on it as if its a person. 3. Relax and next time try to use an alternate persona. 4. Find a better editing program. 

Thanks for all the support from my friends during this learning period.

The fact that I was able to find this film on Youtube, watch it in it's entirety, and share it with you guys is in itself a glorious example of the Internet's power. Maybe if I'm feeling spicy I'll write a view of this glorious film over the weekend. Its by far one of the best manga to live-action adaptations of all time.

I'd been wanting an excuse to post this for a while. I got into a lot of genre fan culture last year, but the two with the most girl power were definitely Lauren Faust's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (the spiritual successor to the Powerpuff Girls) and HBO's brilliant Game of Thrones series.

This kid is seriously cooler than any other Ginger you will ever meet. He is truly the King of the Gingers.

 A glorious dedication to one of my favorite web comic series, but more importantly a dedication to one of my favorite web comics ever. The expressions of these soft stylized unicorns as they think their silly, dirty little thoughts is priceless.

Pokemon references + Honey! I Shrunk the Kids! references = Will kids get my references in ten years?

So, I got a bunch of cards over break but, alas, I am currently awaiting my last card purchase as a late b-day present and then will be taking a break for a while. I gotta say that I am really having a lot of fun with Magic. I especially like playing with my friends and, even more so, when we play games where are decks are more evenly matched and don't use cheap tricks. In those situations, it becomes a mix of chess and poker! 

I never felt like Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon TCGs were ever quite that sophisticated.

Also make sure to vote on which story you would like to see in next weeks, Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday by commenting in the link below or voting on the pole on the blog's facebook page.

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