Monday, October 17, 2011

WEEKLY ROUND-UP 10/9-10/15 2011

 My Brain is Full of F*** Week
Note: I'm sorry if I got my brain f*** on anyone this week.

Sometimes I just feel like punching a hole into the very fabric of time and space; a punching so incredible it shatters and splinters reality so that it rolls back upon itself like an origami swan and produces something all the more terrible and ridiculous.

I really can't stress enough how much this movie has been running around my head since I watched it during my "Summer of 101 Movies." It is the perfect horror movie and, with a remake just coming out, everyone is talking about this classic film. Watch the 1982 film NOW!

Amy Pond is probably the most popular of the newer Dr. Who companions for several reasons. I like her because she doesn't feel like some random stray the Doctor has picked up along the way. Amy is with him for a reason and is not just a hanger on.

This one just has so many words that pretty much are fancier or more British synonyms for "idiot" and was just too much fun. Then again when I work with such an insane picture it is a lot easier to find inspiration.

This one gets a little deep but, I hope, it will strike up some conversation. I find my philosophy in a lot of weird places and I really can't think of any work quite as provocative on the subject of "God" as Alan Moore's The Watchmen.

Not much to say about this one except that I am excited about making my October's Doctor Who themed.

I really feel no need to apologize for putting these decadent little deviant dips into my dungeons and dragons delves in the top spot every week, do I? They get the most views, they're the most consistent and I feel more confident about writing fantasy every time I do one.

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