Friday, September 4, 2015


This anime is totally legitimate and not a parody of high school anime written for the female consumer-- complete with a Mary Janes female protagonist that is cute but lacks much in the way of a personality that will make it easy for the viewer to self-insert herself in the primary role and a caste of archetypes ranging from pointy chinned bishonen to comic relief support characters like the half-American exchange student.

The best part? Every episode has a unique theme song or credit roll that will have you laughing yourself to tears. stupid baka!

And, speaking of anime, Dragon Ball Z is arguably the most influential anime for going beyond a small fan-following to creating a foundation for an American fanculture that exists and thrives to this day! While Speed Racer, Voltron and Sailor Moon before it established themselves as great imports in the past, Dragon Ball Z was a potent gateway drug for would-be anime fans thanks to the characters, action and comedy. The latter element wasn't always as intended.

In fact, Dragon Ball Z was an anime that went through several layers of dubbing and censoring before it ever reached the English-speaking audience and many of these well-meaning to just weird alterations are so funny that they have become ongoing jokes in their respective translations and fan-community to this day!

Check out Phelous's Top 15 above!

Well, that escalated quickly.

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