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Hey we haven't had an update of my life in a minute, so let's talk:
  • Two of my best friends got married-- congratulations to Lord and Lady Shavers.
  • I binge-watched the entire series run (thus far) of Steven Universe and it has consumed my feels.
  • I began going to my comic book and collectibles store, Comic Cellar, again, to play board games and draft Magic the Gathering.
  • I've been playing Far Cry 4, Splatoon, Smash Bros., League of Legends, and Dark Souls.
  • I began working on my first cosplay since I dressed up as Coach from Left 4 Dead 2 to attend a zombie walk (pictured below). I'm gonna make a Solaire of Astora costume from Dark Souls for Anime Blues Con.

Now, let's talk about Loot Crate:

Loot Crate is a subscription based service where members pay a fee (based on their subscription plan) to receive a themed mystery box every month in the mail (last month's theme, pictured above, was "Villains") filled with nerdy products from companies like Nintendo, DC, Marvel, Capcom and much more. The contents of the box usually contain things like exclusive figures, a t-shirt, a magnet, pin/s, posters, comics, books, toys, and pretty much everything you can think of from "dragon-flavored" Jerky in April's "Dragon" Loot Crate to Deadpool socks (pictured above).

This is the perfect surprise for self-professed nerds that love cool stuff and weird stuff alike.

If you're lucky, you might even be the lucky member to get the monthly Mega Crate which always has a value of $750 or more!

And so, for as low as $11.67 + $6 SH, you can become a Looter too! Plus, if you use any of the various codes you can find online, you can get discounts. 

This is my eighth Loot Crate review. If you wanna check out last month's review for May 2015 "UNITE" Loot Crate, check out the link HERE.

No opening picture this month (because I forgot) but you could just check out the video, you derpy doos!

Let's move onto the reviews and terminate this exchange:

And first up, glaring at you with red eyes when you open the box, is the half-scale Terminator T-800 skull for all of your Arnold Schwarzenegger/James Cameron murderbot fantasies!

I'm not the biggest Terminator Fan but I'll admit this is pretty neat little desk prop and, combined with the box (which converts into a diorama), is the neatest item this month.

VALUE: $15

RATING: 5/5.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I would've preferred an Arnold Schwarzenegger skull.

Jeez. Loot Crate sure likes Transformers stuff, huh?

But lemme pull back my sass to admit this is a pretty nice shirt and the red, white and blue colors of Optimus Prime make it a perfect shirt to wear on the 4th of July.

VALUE: $15

RATING: 4/5.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: My friend Aceofspadescard actually gave me his Megatron fig from a Loot Crate he got a PAX convention and that's where I first found out about Loot Crate.

This is the most useful item in the Crate.

And, speaking of things Loot Crate likes, I am not a big Borderlands fan. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate this nifty gamepad that will, when I retire my current pad or need an extra pad, see use for my many hours of League of Legends gaming.


RATING: 5/5.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I'd watch a Borderlands cartoon show but it would probably be CG and terrible. Like Reboot minus the heart.

I don't really like getting posters in Loot Crate boxes because I have a ton of awesome posters already but, if I was a BSG fan, I would probably appreciate these Cylon shooting range target posters and this replicant patch.



RANDOM THOUGHTS: I could gift this to one of my friends to use on his range?

And speaking of things that everyone has in excess-- key chains are giveaway gear that is the tootsie rolls of the Halloween loot bag. You probably already have a ton of them, they're never surprising, but they're okay.

This Terminator Brain Chip is a cute but ultimately bulky and super niche fan item.


RATING: 2/5.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I dunno what to do with this...

Oh boy are the misc. items in the crate sorta bland this month:

The "gear bag" is just a fancy word for a pencil case that, as a grown-ass man, I have little use for and is just sort of random/useless/boring. I honestly would've preferred it just not being included.

The stickers are an advertisement for something I cannot make it to...

The pin and magazine are fine, per usual.

VALUE: $5?

RATING: 2/5.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Sometimes less is more?

$50 ~


As per usual, you're a fan of the franchises that compose this month's Loot Crate, I think it will rate much higher for you.

This rating is a mix of assessment of collector's value and personal taste: I think the Terminator Skull is pretty rad and the shirt & game mat are a nice inclusion but everything is pretty underwhelming for me (though I credit the creativity with some items). Honestly, the score was brought down for a 4/5 by the bland misc. items.

Otherwise? I think it is a good crate. Just not a great crate.

But next month's crate?! HEROES 2!!

Heroes 1, from August of last year, was my first crate and is still the standard to which I have compared all crates since!

Hopefully this crate will live up to the expectations of any good sequel-- that is to meet the quality and up the ante of original-- and it should be exciting since it includes items from DC Comics, Star Trek, Legend of Zelda and even a book?

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