Monday, February 16, 2015


Just like getting a musical on last Halloween weekend, getting another Star Kid musical on Valentine's Day weekend is certainly a pleasant surprise.

The Trail to Oregon is an uproarious parody of the classic PC game, The Oregon Trail, complete with a farm family with names like "Crab Hole" and "Mouthface", a crappy wagon pulled by a deformed oxen, and all of the hilariously messed up things that happen along the trail. Check it out if you love musicals, simulation and/or Manifest Destiny. Wait what?

Also check out their last musical which had the thesis: Podracing is the only thing Anakin Skywalker was ever good at.

And remember to check out the incredible Sci-Fi film parody, filled with bits from Starship Troopers to Bug's Life, from Starkid:

Also, make sure to check out the definite must-see for fans of Batman, fans of Starkid, or fans of musicals is "Holy Musical B@man!" their latest and most awesome show. You can watch the whole thing by clicking the link below.

But my favorite is probably the amazing Disney parody, with a focus on Aladdin, that they wowed their fans with last year:

Or if you want to go back to the original hits and some Harry Potter, check out A Very Potter Musical and/or its Sequel. They have a number of other productions that are definitely worth seeking out, as well.

 A link to Starkids: TEAM STAR KIDS!

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