Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Boy oh boy, nothing quite gets ya salty like a string of near losses in Smash Bros!

I was playing Smash and, while I rotate between about four characters, my friends usually have one or two mains they use obsessively. This can be maddening when you lose over and over in three player smash because your friend's Metaknight gameplay keeps you from ever getting the knock out on a corner camping Robin or Samus.

The salt was real. And that's okay.

Jurassic Park is an incredibly stupid but gloriously "awesome" concept that is saved by a handful of memorable performances and fantastic dinosaur puppets/CGI.

I really don't mind making enemies over nostalgia.

But the fact that people are freaking out about this new Jurassic World film being silly or scientifically inaccurate, I want to remind you of the all-female frog hybrid dinosaurs from the first film that took place at a park with incredibly poor security rather than being a poor concept because "uh, uh, um, life uh finds a way".

Jurassic World will probably be as silly as the first film. Good.

There is a line between racist comedy and comedy that uses ridiculous stereotypes to comedic effect.

I'm not sure what side of the line this sketch lands on.


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