Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The official Game Grumps animated playlist has some of the best animations on youtube.

For example, Max Gilardi, who I featured before to much rejoicing and much reviling, really took it to a new level with the bizarre mix of styles in the extremely detailed cartoons I've seen that proves that animation is an artform that is only limited by time and talent (I guess everything is but animation just allows for so much freedom of expression!).

And some people would say that these artists are wasting their talents by just animating the commentary of the Grumps. I clearly disagree but let me elaborate why: if by jumping on the bandwagon, AKA animating this popular content, saves them time, allows them express themselves and exposes them to an already somewhat captive audience, then more power to them. I have discovered a lot of animators thru Game Grumps, which makes sense considering it was founded by Egoraptor and features Rubberninja. And I think a lot of other people do too.

Let's take a look at some animators that haven't been featured officially but often go above and beyond many of the featured artists.

Tithinian may not necessarily have the prettiest or cutest or cleverest designs, but what Tith does bring to the table is blinding speed of production that uses his assets to produce something that is funny and unique.  His expressive animation style lends itself well to the manic outbursts of the Grumps and I can't wait to see how he continues to grow as he uses the Game Grumps as a stepping stone towards animation of higher quality. (Seriously, this guy is a machine!)

The other mass producer of Game Grumps content that manages to just destroy my high expectations with his work is the adorable and clean doodling of Brandon Turner; his art style lends itself extremely well to these simple and cute animations that makes me jealous of the composition's cohesion throughout so many animations. I'd love to see more professional work from this artist.

And then there is Corax who's works titilate my eyes and brain in a way that few online animators can really match. Seriously.

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