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Alrighty then

You need a reminder as to what a Loot Crate is again?

Loot Crate is a subscription based service where members pay a fee (based on their subscription plan) to receive a themed mystery box every month in the mail (last month's theme, pictured above, was "Villains") filled with nerdy products from companies like Nintendo, DC, Marvel, Capcom and much more. The contents of the box usually contain things like exclusive figures, a t-shirt, a magnet, pin/s, posters, comics, books, toys, and pretty much everything you can think of from "dragon-flavored" Jerky in April's "Dragon" Loot Crate to Deadpool socks (pictured above).

This is the perfect surprise for self-professed nerds that love cool stuff and weird stuff alike.

If you're lucky, you might even be the lucky member to get the monthly Mega Crate which always has a value of $750 or more!

And so, for as low as $11.67 + $6 SH, you can become a Looter too! Plus, if you use any of the various codes you can find online, you can get discounts. 

This is my sixth Loot Crate review. If you wanna check out last month's review for DEC 2014 "Annivesary" Loot Crate, check out the link HERE.

This month promised a retro theme with a collectible figure, a shirt and a comic with gear promised from retro games, Star Wars, and Voltron. I am a pretty big fan of Star Wars and even have a soft spot for Voltron (and duh, I like video games). I'm totally hyped!

Let's hop into our X-Wings and cat-shaped robots and soar into the contents of this month's crate!

 Well, the item on top is certainly dominating (and cool), let's see what we got:

The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers had dinosaurs and Gatchaman had the birds, but Voltron had the goddamn Lion Force!

This is the sort of shirt I had been waiting for with the right mix of a cool design and a cool franchise for something that I'll rotate into my wardrobe regularly. As opposed to the other two shirts I've gotten in recent months, from the kitty skull to the pirate/ninja, this is something that actually fits the theme and my expectations. I can dig it.

VALUE: $15+

RATING: 5/5. Voltron is due for a remake.


Hey! I've actually got some goofy glasses in my Loot Crates before but these are actually a little less of a novelty and are comfortable enough to be a regularly worn pair of sunglasses!

I might have to wear these nifty buggers on my trip to Florida in March.

Plus they really fit the retro theme they're going for since the items are a big amalgam of all things that a ten year old would be unable to resist in the 80s or 90s (the age of the "rewind"-able VHS format). Cool people wear shades no matter what, am I right? All that's missing is a backwards ball cap!

VALUE: $10+

RATING: 4/5. A simple item, but a perfect addition.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I wear my sunglasses at night...

An exclusive for a company you can't even buy products from yet? That's collectible!

But, as for the item, it is in fact a black skinny tie with silver Space Invaders imprinted on it and, while not my style, is stylish enough. I don't know how to tie a tie but I'm sure I can figure it out with internet research. I can figure anything out with internet research.

VALUE: $10+?

RATING: 4/5. I dunno if I've ever played an actual game of Space Invaders, but I like the simple design of the tie.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Space Invaders is retro, but skinny ties aren't, right?

Well, this was certainly not what I expected and, while it isn't a super awesome not what I expected, it is still a pleasant sort of not what I expected!

I was expected a Funko Pop or a blind box toy or any other little gizmo but, instead, I got a weird little cartridge figure with a zapper. The cartridge is for a game called "Fire Hunt", which I think is a Duck Hunt and Shoot 'Em Up parody, and it is now sitting prominently on top of my CPU tower next to the Battle Crate's Mega Man helmet toy.

VALUE: $10+

RATING: 5/5. Ninten-does what Sega doesn't anymore.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I wish I had got the Doctor Who 10-doh figure since it is way cooler and more collectible!

I love Star Wars.

We know.

An exclusive Loot Crate variant of the new Marvel Star Wars #1! I am so tempted to pop this bad boy open but, given the opportunity for this puppy to shoot up in collector's value, as any Star Wars comic fan would want to say they have every variant of the #1, I am more tempted to leave it encased in plastic and then, maybe, for safe keeping, encase it carbonite at my special Ugnaught operated station that I installed in my basement.

VALUE: $20+

RATING: 5/5. That's some precious cargo!

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Did you know the original Marvel Star Wars line had a green bunny as a main character?

Last and least is a Comic Note Book complete with little panels for writing down notes or scribbling art work on the go. This is a pretty nifty item, though I'm not exactly sure it fits the Rewind button since people still draw comics. Eh.

VALUE: $5?

RATING: 3/5. Might draw me a comic!

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Did you guys know that the first time I became intensely involved in creating my own characters is when I drew comic book characters from Silver Surfer on a plane ride from Hawaii to Australia? Maybe some day the dream of seeing my characters in print will come true? Hm....wistful sigh.

And, besides the magazine and pin, with a cool backwards box that can be made into a Loot Crate NES, there are no misc. extras this month. And... that's okay. Because there were a lot of solid items this month.



After a few mildly disappointing boxes, I finally got a Loot Crate that lives up to the expectation I had after my first two crates: an awesome t-shirt, a cool pair of shades, a nifty little collectible toy and the comic really made the crate a fun surprise (even if the comic wasn't really a big surprise after Loot Crate spoiled it on Facebook).

This crate didn't have any items that quite live up to my all-time favorite Groot Funko Pop or the cavalcade of galactic goodies from last September, but, rather than including a bunch of junk and game codes that I'll never use, it instead is the first box that I think I might wind up using everything in the box!

This is good enough loot for any scruffy-looking nerf-herder!

If you're interested in trying Loot Crate, please make sure to use this link to help me out with a referral. Thank you.

And damnit, Porkins, I told you to eat BEFORE the mission!

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