Friday, October 10, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 10/10/14!

gegenschein [gehy-gen-shahyn]
1. A patch of very faint nebulous light sometimes seen in the night sky opposite the position of the sun. It is thought to be the image of the sun reflected from gas and dust outside the atmosphere.


EX. Sometimes German provides some particularly beautiful and nuanced words for the English language and gegenschein is an excellent portmanteau of the German words for "counter" and "shine" that provide an excellent term for something we observe in our natural world.

The Sun is a pretty good candidate for worship, I must admit, if there are any good candidates for such a thing.

Heck, my first 5th Edition D & D character is a cleric of Pelor (or the Morning Lord since the GM hasn't gotten back to me on which would be most appropriate) named Geth Dawnbreaker andwhen he does something badass afforded by his OP ability scores me and friends shout...

Also, I really need to play the copy of Dark Souls I downloaded onto my 360 for free...

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