Monday, October 13, 2014


I can't believe it has been a whole year since I GOT JINXED but here I am and another season of League is drawing to a close!

It seems rather portentous that, as I scramble to close in on a decent rank before the end of the season, that I find myself playing Jinx regularly again. The champ still has tons of flavor and competitive edge! (And, seriously, with Cait as my main, it is obvious that Piltover is my favorite part of the game's lore by a bit.)

It remains to be seen whether I'll achieve my goals in improving my league game, but you can bet ya'll be the first to know.

And as a way to celebrate the world championships, Riot got Imagine Dragons to collaborate on a special music video to hype up the fans for the big time games. Neat.


And yet, while I love League, I have to remember that it is a game that can bring you to tears of fury and desperation. This is a game that intimidates many newcomers, makes players uninstall and has probably caused a good deal of property damage or worse. Like anything competitive, it is a mix of the frustration of the climb with the gnawing trash talk of your opponents and, worse, troll teammates that drag you down.

Still, I haven't quit yet and have become a lot more mellow as I've played the game.

That's why I'm ready for ranked and for next season.

Here's to another year, Summoners.

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