Thursday, July 24, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 7/24/14!

screw-on [skroo-on]
1. Attached, connected, or closed by screwing onto another part of a container or receptacle.

EX. What do you get when you turn a one-shot Dark Horse comic by Hellboy's creator/writer/artist Mike Mignola into an animated pilot for the Sci-Fi Channel (now known as the idiotic nomer of "Syfy"), back in 2006, featuring the voice talents of Paul Giamatti and David Hyde Pierce? 

You get The Amazing Screw-On Head!

Set during the Lincoln Administration, the pilot follows government robotic agent The Amazing Screw-On Head (Paul Giamatti) in a manhunt for a academic who was kidnapped by a she-werewolf and a talking chimp with a gun and leads him down a path of painful memories when he discovers his former employee, now known as Emperor Zombie (David Hyde Pierce), is planning something nefarious involving the release of a primordial demigod from its turnipy lair.

It is weird, wonderful, and Sci-Fi skipped out on producing a full series. We quietly weep, the world keeps turning, and we have solace in the fact that Mike Mignola, the man who created the design of Mr. Freeze in Batman the Animated Series, is still making comics.

On a depressing side note, Del Toro said Hellboy 3 is unlikely to be picked up by Hollywood thanks to the poor box office performance of Hellboy 2.

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