Thursday, July 17, 2014


Welcome to my fourth Let's Play series. It has been a couple months and, due to technical difficulties and personal lack of self-confidence, I have not recorded a lot of content lately. The culprits are work, dungeons and dragons world-building and a general sense of ennui. Still, I decided, FTL would be perfect for Let's Play and planned to record some last week with Yeti (Zach Stanifer) and Aceofspadescard (Steven Pullam). Unfortunately, we recorded a good session but the footage was lost... You can enjoy the MP3 HERE.

FTL, btw, is the most nihilistic science fiction game I've ever played; it is the Dark Souls of space simulation. Your mission is simple: warn the Federation about the Rebel Fleet coming their way! The problem is that the journey from start to finish is perilous to the point of being extremely depressing. You will die a lot. And there are no check points or second chances. If you die, you have to restart with a completely new vanilla crew. It is telling that this is the 8th Odachi run and I still haven't beaten the game on easy!

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