Monday, March 3, 2014


I love Game Grumps. I love Game Grumps so much that my best friend and I have matching Grump shirts. I currently am in position of the Jontron "Not So Grump" shirt and my best friend Zach is in possession of the Egoraptor"Hey I'm Grump" shirts. We have worn them almost every time we've hung out since we bought them. I am going to listen to Game Grumps after right this article, while I do dishes, because a) I don't particularly usually care about the actual gameplay but enjoy their commentary and b) I like listening to conversation/story-telling rather than music, most of the time.

The Game Grumps change, but they always stay the same.

And perhaps one of the brightest ideas they had was to collaborate on an album, combining the synthesized sensory pleasing music of Ninja Sex Party and the humorous quick tongue of Egoraptor, culminating in Star Bomb. Luigi's Ballad is probably Egoraptor's best animation, but I think a lot of people wanted to see Crasher-Vania receive the same treatment given how many comic adaptations I've seen of it. It is a little Monster Mash and a little rock & roll and I love it.

Check out the original comic for all the details on imgur.


You just gotta dance, smile, and sing ironically about the two parts of the human anatomy most objectified in soft-core pornographic video game content.

In all seriousness though, I tend to be repelled by PG-13 "t & a" content that is jammed into popular culture to try and catch the demographic (that includes myself). For example, Megan Fox wearing little booty shorts while she works on motorcycles in Transformers 2-- sure, she is hot, but the titillation serves no purpose other than to pad the movie out with ass and get dudebros to break the pause button on their DVD players and, ultimately, it takes me out of the movie because no one is dumb enough to wear booty shorts while working on motorcycles on black top on a sunny day. That's just begging for a grease burn.

On a side rant, I hate Transformers 2. It is a film I have never managed to watch in it's entirety because it ranks as a 0/5 on my scale due to its terrible pacing of fight scene followed by dumb humor scene with hyoomans followed by fight scene, the fight scenes that shove the camera right into the anus of the robots, and more soft racist humor than a Jeff Dunham puppet show. Michael Bay ruined Transformers. Next, he is going to ruin the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Damnit Hasbro.

But don't think I'm a total prude: I think sexual content is fine in the right context. It can be used humorously, it can be used to inform the setting, it can be used to characterize someone, it can be used to push the story forward and it can be used any many other ways that fit the story. I just hate when a film interrupts the story for a little pornographic content.

It is 2014. If the audience wanted to watch porn, they'd be watching porn on the internet that would make a Roman emperor blush at the amount of content available to anyone's specific tastes and preferences. If the audience wants to watch a film, they're not gonna whip it out in the middle of the movie theater because they didn't come their to whack it. They came their to be entertained or to experience art. End rant.

Let's end this Musical Monday on a positive note:

I'm not a cat person. I don't have any cat-like qualities. I've never owned a cat. I will probably never own a cat. I'm allergic to cats.


While I don't particularly like cats, I have met some cats that I like & some of my best friends are cat people.

So, I can appreciate the insane obsession of millions of feline-fanatical cat worshipers as they mindless slam their flat faces into their screens in joy at the sight of every cute, funny, weird, dumb, and/or ordinary cat.

There. You happy? I'm glad to be back.

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