Wednesday, February 5, 2014


No video would be more appropriate to post after driving home as the frozen tree tops, glazed in silver, rained down dreary hail on the road. The air was as cold as a cadaver's kiss, the roadside ditches filled with floating sheets of ice and Styrofoam cups, and my fingers felt numb as I gripped the steering wheel. Winter is death. Winter is beautiful.

Also, this silly but brilliant little bit of Hitchcock inspired horror from TVMaxwell will probably put a smile on your face and a little warmth in your heart. Or just confuse you.

As for the vidja here, it is a pretty twisted, funny, and fanservicey bit of fluff from TwistedGrimTV.

As for a small League of Legends update, my ranked team's president Trainer Gary Oak (formerly OGMRSNESBITT) added Dio Omicida (ADC/Support main) and cShots (Top main) to our roster and that means we'll be able to build a full team more regularly and start playing ranked 5 V 5 as soon as possible. I've learned to play a lot of roles, so expect to see me doing whatever is needed to help my team win, including jungling as Jarvin IV.

P.S. My favorite Ahri skin is Popstar Ahri.

It was Aziz Ansari who said his favorite stereotype was that "black dudes are blown away by magic tricks".

A good Power Ranger costume apparently has they same effect, at least in this case. Now, "if only we all just treated each other the same way black dudes treat magicians" (Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive).

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