Monday, February 3, 2014


My friends and I have been playing Wii & Wii-U every Sunday and one of our favorite time-killers is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I mean, sure, it's not Melee. We all love Melee. But it's kind of fun to play Brawl since we all are less experienced with it. The main point? Playing Brawl has definitely hyped me for the next Smash Bros.

This glorious hand-made animation from Amazingartistyellow certainly helps encourage that enthusiasm, as well as my enthusiasm to give Attack on Titan a chance, as it has pretty much swallowed the anime fan community alive.

Before we move on, my big wishes for SSB 4 is that Mewtwo returns from Melee, they announce Pokémon Trainer returning from Brawl, and that Ganondorf returns....with a twist. I've always felt Ganondorf got shafted as a Captain Falcon clone. Give him a moveset indicative of his swordplay and maybe add in his mage abilities, perhaps with a Zelda/Sheik style transform between Ganon and Ganondorf, and you've got a uniquely brutal character. My main picks for a new entry? Pacman, Simon Belmont, Alucard, Toad, & Ridley.

And how about a little whimsy inspired by pogo? There are a lot of fun remixes inspired by the MLP fandom, but there is something about these sort of trippy remixes that always set me in this pleasant, whimsical, blue, and curious sort of mood.

You can watch the original artist, Pinkiepieswear's music video here

Let's end with a new animated music video from Ninja Sex Party.

Clearly, Danny Sexbang was inspired by his love affair with the kaiju fest in Pacific Rim and decided to lay down a track meant to put a pair of giant monsters in the mood.

And clearly, that's a good enough place to end this Music Monday. Pardon me for the briefness, but I've gotta eat more terriyaki wings left over from "Super Bowl Sunday"*.

*"Super Bowl Sunday" may equal an excuse to gorge oneself and, rather than watch the game, do the same stuff that my friends and I do every Sunday. In this case, eat Krystals, make Advanced Dungeons and Dragons characters for an Oriental Adventures campaign, and watch Princess Mononoke.

P.S. I retract my briefness apology. And leave you on a simultaneously stupid and glorious .gif from the Super Bowl teaser for Transformers 4. It looks dumb, but it has Optimus Prime riding Grimlock, the T-Rex dinobot (that's a dinosaur robot), while wielding a sword.

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