Friday, January 31, 2014


demigod [deh-mee-gawd]
1. A mythological being that is part god and part mortal.
2. An inferior diety.
3. A deified human.
4. A person with god-like talent or power.

EX. Hey, Planeswalkers! I know I wasn't exactly a demigod at the Theros pre-release. In fact, I did so poorly that my best friend gave me a Boulder Badge. Just like Ash Ketchum. He gave me a badge, even though I didn't win. Oh the friends I have...

And yet, like Elspeth's upcoming Journey into Nyx, maybe this is my turn to redeem myself at a pre-release. This time I've managed to bully a couple of friends to come along for the ride and I'm raring to go. As a White Mage, I will be following my "Destiny to Lead" and attempt to overcome the hordes of minotaurs, orgies of satyrs, and waves of krakens seeking to spoil my day! Aiding me in this quest will by loyal steed (and playable promo):

I will probably be playing white. As for the other color? It depends on the pool, but I tend to lean towards green, cuz mana ramp and big creatures, and blue, cuz tempo and flying creatures, but black is another strong option if I'm running an enchantment deck since there a lot of great black cards that support bestow mechanic this set.

If you're also going, here is a basic rundown of how this Pre-Release is set-up:

It cost $30 bucks to signs up and, for that fee, each player receives 6 boosters packs, including two Born of the Gods packs, three Theros packs, & a special booster pack for their chosen hero's destiny,-- Lead (White), Outwit (Blue),  Dominate (Black), Conquer (Red), & Thrive (Green)-- and a promo card for your path (which you could use in the event) and with the materials each player is expected to build, with all the lands they need, a minimum 40 card deck. There will be four to six one-on-one matches, each a best of three rounds, and the ranking in these matches would land you more packs (with the top player getting a box) and, usually, everyone gets, at the very least, a "pity pack". All together, the events are a lot of fun and well worth the admission fee ($25 if you pre-register early).

While we're here, let's take a look at the new mechanics of Born of the Gods:

INSPIRED- Activates an effect every time the creature card containing the keyword is untapped.

TRIBUTE X- Whenever a creature with Tribute X enters the battlefield, an opponent of the creature's controller's choice may choose to either put X +1/+1 counter on it or, if the "the tribute is not paid", another effect will activate.

To check out the other mechanics features in the Theros block, make sure to check out my article on the Theros pre-release HERE.

I'm hoping that I can come out ahead but, if I fail, at least Xenagos will have a good time...

See ya there, planeswalkers.

P.S. Expect an article or two about my continued adventures in Theros, next week.