Monday, January 20, 2014


Oh boy! Time for a late late late MLK Day Musical Monday!

The first song in our trio of tra-la-la is the newest viral advertising campaign from the deodorant company, Old Spice, that brought us THIS and THIS and so much more entertainment in the name of trying to sell us on a deodorant that, unlike some of its other competitors, won't leave you smelling like a teenage boy's jockstrap. Instead, it seems, Old Spice uses a combination of insanely bizarre comedy and the pitch that using the spray will turn you into a "man", not basically attract girls like honey to flies, but instead give of an air of masculine maturity.

None of these commercials have managed to bring this note home quite like this lilting little piece of lunacy in the form of having a dozen mothers lament the loss of their little baby boys to the lovely young ladies attracted to their more mature scent.

You know what goes good with Old Spice?

Guile's Theme.

I don't know if you guys knew this but, on the internet, it is a well-known rule; Guile's Theme from Street Fighter goes with everything. You can combine the catchy little tune with just about anything to create something that will pump just about anything up to eleven. Seriously, you should try it before you knock it. It even goes with ponies.

And as for Game Grumps...

...they can take any musical experience from a passable bit of entertainment and elevate into something that most people would be too ashamed to record, much less share with over a million subscribers, and probably give their art to the government a la Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

It is beauty, it is grace, it is Grump.

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