Tuesday, December 17, 2013


toxic [tok-sik]
1. Video games. Used to describe a hostile or unfair player/s or game mechanic/s that create an imbalanced or unpleasant game experience for one, some, or all of the other players.

insta-lock [in-stuh-lawk]
1. League of Legends. To pick a player/lane without the consent or consideration of your teammates.

EX. I've talked a little bit about teamwork before and shared the Teamwork OP video from Riot a few months ago, but today I want to talk about what happens when players, admins, and game makers don't work together to create a fun and fair game experience.

I still play with Team NUFU, as much as I can. I talked about them in an article in September (check it out HERE). Aceofspadescard mains support on our team and, mostly without our knowledge, saw fit to record some of our recent matches for the funnier parts and best moments. Posted directly above is a link to a recent game we played that started out very toxic-- the Volibear player on our team insta-locked Volibear without picking a lane, forcing Ace as Yasuo to mid, leading to some frustration in the first half of the match. The Volibear was very toxic, from the get-go, criticizing other players and generally being a useless slab of bear meat. The video above shows us shutting down their team (I'm playing as Jungle Vi) and, eventually, would carry us to a win.

We won because of skill, luck, and/but, most importantly, teamwork.

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