Friday, December 20, 2013


Snowdown Showdown [snow-down-snoh-down]
1. League of Legends. The annual seasonal event in League of Legends that as come every Winter since 2009. The event has a heavy winter theme, with a focus on snow/ice themes & Christmas themes, usually involving a snowy paint of coat on a map/s, gifting events, special bundles, legacy skins, special sales, and other promotions.

EX. This year I got a little indulgent; after all, it's my first Snowdown Showdown and, after buying all of my NuFu buddies some RP, I decided to spoil myself by buying all three of the new Snowdown skins. Today, I think I'll review the three skins and tomorrow I will give my thoughts on the brand new 1 V 1 and 2 V 2 Showdown mode.

P.S. I realize that starting with the skins is a little backwards but that is how it naturally occurred...

I've been playing a lot of Sivir since her most recent VU, being an ADC main and all, and I think this was a pretty good skin. The snowy particles, the big snowflake chakram, and the coordination of elements into her winter wear costume were all pretty well implemented. All in all, it's a pretty passable skin that sits comfortably with other new efforts but doesn't do anything terribly creative or special. That's why I think I can only give it a 3/5.

Singed is a character I have always been fond of using in Top Lane and in Dominion/Twisted Treeline modes. We move more out of just taking an aesthetic theme and get a properly implemented theme with Singed's skin; an outfit that would like right in place in a Disney's Goofy Winter Olympics cartoon, with a silly winter hat, puffy jacket, mittens, scarf, and big ol' winter boots on a lanky body, a big old sled-turned-shield as a melee weapon, snowballs used to slow down foes, and, to pull it all together, a big old "Portablizzard" backpack that mixes a wood-burning stove with a snow machine to hit that spot between silly and awesome. It is put just over the top by a recall animation that has Singed spinning in circles on his sled to give it a solid 4/5.

Oh boy, this skin was so cute that it got me to finally breakdown and buy Lulu (and so far I've been pretty glad I did). Let's get down to business. Poro business.

The hook, line, and sinker of this skin, putting it a tier just above the other skins, is the inclusion of a Poro version of Pix, Lulu's pixie companion. Since the introduction of Poros in Howling Abyss, the fans can't get enough of these little half-Yeti half-Mogwai abominably adorable adorabominations-- you can feed them snacks until they explode into a love puddle of baby Poros! The theme carries over into Lulu's skin with her wintery ensemble complete with fur accents, pointy boots, cute little gloves, and a big hat with a wintery crown. And, of course, we got those adorable ears, big ol' animalistic eys and big smile that brings it all home. Add in appropriate theming like a cute Poro balloon for backing and we've got a perfect skin. 5/5.

And that's the first part of our three part Snowdown Showdown weekend spectacular. Tune in for Part 2 and Part 3 on Saturday and Sunday!

P.S. Also indulged in a Tim Burton-esque skin.

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