Monday, December 2, 2013


twist [twist-id]
1. To form by winding pieces of material together.
2. To pull apart in different directions.
3. To distort, such as an object, meaning, or person.
4. A deviation or turn.
5. An object formed by twisting.

Holy smokes! I was sort of feeling tuckered out when I came back from work on Thanksgiving's Day morning, but then I saw the newest Team Starkid musical sitting in my youtube queue!

This time they're taking a swing at satirizing one of my favorite subjects, the animated Disney musical. But it's more than that. Twisted, clearly, began as their take on the Wicked format of taking a story's villain and retelling the story in a more sympathetic light in their favor. This results in a effortlessly enjoyable and ineffably funny bit of Aladdin satire that makes Jafar a hard-working, humble, and oft-hated anti-hero in a kingdom of, at best, witless and thankless crumbums!

And it's pretty much perfect. The stand-out is Dylan Saunders as Jafar who finally gets his chance to belt it out and gives a stirring & compelling performance in the middle of a very silly comedy. We've seen him ham it up as the flamboyant Dumbledore with an obsession with Zephron, a giant scorpion named Pincer, & the drunken Green Lantern, but his turn as the miserable, but well-meaning civil servant, Jafar.

You can check out the whole show at the link at the top of the page or check out the first part HERE.

And remember to check out the incredible Sci-Fi film parody, filled with bits from Starship Troopers to Bug's Life, from Starkid:

Also, make sure to check out the definite must-see for fans of Batman, fans of Starkid, or fans of musicals is "Holy Musical B@man!" their latest and most awesome show. You can watch the whole thing by clicking the link below.

Or if you want some Harry Potter, check out A Very Potter Musical and/or its Sequel. They have a number of other productions that are definitely worth seeking out, as well.

 A link to Starkids: TEAM STAR KIDS!

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