Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Despite claiming to be something of a pacifist and going extremely far not to kill his enemies, when he can help it, the Doctor winds up in a lot of circumstances where he is pointing a deadly weapon at his foes-- whether as an empty threat that he doesn't intend to carry out or that they're too far-gone/dangerous that execution would be a mercy.

After all, to the people of the Gamma Forests, his name means "Mighty Warrior".

Did you guys ever realize that Home Alone is basically a more kid-friendly version of Die Hard? Both involve the right person being in the right place at the right time when bad guys invade a building/house and dealing with it through a series of traps, slapstick, and one-liners?

 So, what happens when you mix Home Alone with Die Hard? You get an adult Kevin McCallister fending off a pair of elderly criminals, out for revenge, with a mix of weapon's from boyhoods past and the resources of a grown-up.

Or he could've just pulled out a gun and shot them both? Or called the cops? I dunno. Merry Krugmuth.

In the year 20XX, I can only assume by the context and clues given in the trailer above from GregzillaGT, that Mike Aruba has taken over the world with an army of video game villains from the post-Jontron era of the Game Grumps series.

We can also assume that the only one capeable of saving the world is Malkovich.

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