Friday, July 26, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 7/26/13!

discrepancy [dis-krep-en-see]
1. An instant or state of being inconsistent or unreliable.

EX. This needs to be addressed; the discrepancies of the Pokédex are both confusing and unfortunate for all involved. There is a lot of hyperbole, unnecessarily mean-spirited back stories, and information that is contradictory. I think that the franchise needs some sort of quality control manager like other franchises have created for themselves so we don't end up with hyperbole, like Tyranitar crushing mountains, or insanely creepy stuff, like Yamask being a reincarnated human soul.

Seriously, if you wanna good laugh at incompetence, read some Pokédex entries...


  1. You should look up the jwittz's videos on all that stuff. IE: Hypno's have been known to kidnap children.

    1. That one is actually somewhat canon with the anime.