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So, I teased the coming of a Mixed Bag. Podcast last Saturday and less than a week later, the nerd gods have allowed me the ability to deliver you the 1st Episode. The program is hosted by Zach Martin (check out his blog by following him HERE) and myself. Zach is a film student at the University of Memphis and we discussed doing a podcast for a few months before we finally convinced each other to go through with it.

The subjects covered in the podcast are just like those covered in my blog; from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to 2001: A Space Odyssey, we'll cover films, television, video games and anything else that falls under our nerdy radar.

We're looking for future guests and, if you're interested, just contact us. All you gotta be able to do is hold your own in a conversation and you're in. Opinions and personality are wanted.

Now, here is the first episode and a special bonus. Make sure to like, favorite, subscribe, etc.

Mixed Bag. #1

Our first episode starts with a discussion about the upcoming Disney animated film Wreck-It Ralph, a video game film starring John C. Reilly. Then, we move onto a discussion on the impact (or lack thereof) of the new Toonami block that hit Adult Swim a few weeks ago. After that, I gave a short sort of spiel about Zombie Playground, a kick starter project I talked about on the blog. A very long and disjointed discussion of the fail that was E3. And finally, the last half is a long discussion about The Avengers: Assemble. We'd give a spoiler warning but, if you haven't seen it yet, whats wrong with you?

Bonus: Mixed Bag. #0

This is actually the test conversation that Zach and I recorded to test out our mics, his recording software, and our ability to hold a conversation for a decent amount of time. The subject at hand in the video is a discussion on the latest episode of The Legend of Korra that aired a few hours before the recording.


And thank you for listening/reading. If you have any thoughts on what subjects you would like us to follow please comment here, on YouTube, or on Facebook. Thank you.

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