Sunday, April 22, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY! 4/22/12

deviant [dee-vee-uhnt]
1. Differing from the norm.
2. A person or thing that deviates or differs markedly from the normal form.

EX. Adolescence is dangerous. That time between teenage years and adulthood? Even more so. In these formative years, a person is constantly seeking new role models and ideas to follow. During this metamorphosis, which can last from anywhere from a decade to, in some desperate case, several decades determines who that person is going to be for their rest of their life. In a round-about way, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is more about this personal journey that it is about the temporal romances of youth. It is about whether you will grow up to follow the standards set by society or will you become a deviant element. Will you be a hero or a villain? This is really the heart, the question, that lies at the center of the X-Men comics as well.

Just as in real life, some people will try to guide a young person into one philosophy or another. This is the core of mentoring and probably the factor that lies at the center of every revolution. Some contrary older, wiser men or women attempting to lead a young person into their tutelage and into their fold. This is the conflict that begins the battle of beliefs between the tolerant and pacifist X-Men and the militant and unforgiving Brotherhood. Every mutant discovered by the former friends, Prof. Charles Xavier and Magneto, have to make a choice. Do they choose the path of peace or the path of war? Do they choose reform or revolution? Do they choose to be a hero or a villain?

Your formative years are about choice.

Villain teams never wear matching costumes...

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