Monday, March 19, 2012



Today's Musical Monday is special for a few reasons. First of all, I'll get this out of the way for several brands of haters and fans. I love Disney and I love Fox Sundays. I also love Family Guy.

Each time there is a musical number on the show it is handled with a passion for the end product and irritates me that, while Simpsons used to win an enemy just about any time they had a big music number, Family Guy does them better and hardly receives anywhere near the same love merely because of the fact that it is not the original animated sitcom or because people think it somehow is just filled with cheap cut-away gags and nothing else of value. I love the Simpsons, but I don't own a Simpsons CD. I actually own a fantastic CD, Family Guy: Live in Las Vegas, that is one of my favorite comedy CDs.

Today's clip is from the Season 8 Episode of Family Guy titled "Road to the Multiverse". The scene begins with Brian and Stewie traveling through multiple realities and ending up in a Disney dimension. The reality is gorgeously animated, the song is light and fluffy and there is plenty of fan service. There is a crude little mean-spirited "Disney hated Jews" joke at the end (personally, I don't think he did), but regardless of that, the scene still holds up.

Honestly, even if you don't like the show, if you love musicals you have to appreciate how McFarlane's love for music had inspired some very clever moments. Music is at the heart of this show.In a perfect universe, Family Guy is animated with the same level of detail and love that went into classic Disney films and every episode has at least one song number.

If you're interested, you can watch this episode on Hulu Plus and the series is readily available on Hulu Plus, Netflix, Fox, and (in my opinion most importantly) Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Speaking of Snow White adaptations being the next Twilgiht...

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