Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WORD OF THE DAY! 11/23/11

hogwash [hawg-wosh]
1. refuse given to hogs; swill.
2. anything considered worthless.
3. nonsense, bunk, or hooey.
4. propaganda

PETA [Pee-tah]
1. Acronym. People for the ethical treatment of animals.
2. Domestic terrorists who use propaganda to push their agenda with misinformation, fear, and monetary support from idiotic celebrities and unwary vegans, vegetarians, hippies, etc.

EX. PETA's  use of Mario's image to promote the preservation of tanookis (Japanese raccoon dogs) is disturbing propaganda that is intended to disturb children. The game linked below is disturbing but a slightly amusing rip-off of Robot Unicorn by PETA.


Their organization and its message is hogwash.

If you want to help animals donate to your local ASPCA organization, adopt a pet, or find some other local fundraiser. Do not give money or time to a borderline terrorist organization like PETA that kills thousands of animals a year, celebrates arsonists, and wants to corrupt the sensitive by showing offensive images to disturb/make you feel guilty. Animal abuse is very real and should be fought against but the way PETA's tactics and overall message is criminal.

The larger irony can be found in the video below, Mario's response to their vile video game.

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