Sunday, November 20, 2011

WORD OF THE DAY! 11/20/11

aerial [air-ee-uhl]
1. of, in, or produced by air.
2. inhabiting or frequenting the air.
3. operating on a track or cable that is elevated above the ground.
4. reaching far in the sky; high ; lofty.
5. partaking of the nature of air.
6. a radio or television antennae.
7. Football. forward pass.

boomerang [boo-muh-rang]
1. a bent or curved piece of tough wood used by the Australian aborigines as a throwing club, one form of which can be thrown as to return to the thrower.
2. something, as a scheme or argument, that does damage to the originator.
3. to come back or return, as in a boomerang.
4. to cause harm to the originator; to backfire.

EX. "You should have acted. He is already here. The Seven Sages told of their return in the game manual. His defeat was merely a delay. In the time before the Ocarina of Time split Hyrules reality in twain, the sons of Hyrule would spill the blood of Moblins again. But noone wanted to believe them, believe that he could return, and when the truth finally dawned it dawned in Power! But there is one they fear, in his tongue he is the Hero of Time and the Guardian of COURAGE! And with his aerial blade and boomerang, he shall save the Princess as he has and will ever more; he is Link of Hyrule!"

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