Monday, October 24, 2011

WEEKLY ROUND-UP! 10/16- 10/22 2011

Tanuki Week
A special thanks to Zach Stanifer.

How much do I enjoy this song? I am listening to it right now. Castlevania is one of the most iconic and classic video game series for three reasons:
1. Gameplay.
2. Story.


This week's theme started with an A D & D game on Sunday led by my buddy Zach. I'm a huge tabletop gamer and I really enjoyed sharing this very short story about character creation.

Anything that gives me an opportunity to talk up Geoff Johns's revival of the Green Lantern Corps and the establishment of the Emotional Spectrum (and their relates corps) is a great thing.

Got to stir up some Harry Potter fan discussion with this article and really enjoyed some of the conversations about the possible effects of time travel in the HP universe to just discussing fantasy time travel in general.

I really have been enjoying the theme of Doctor Who for this Halloween and if anyone has any suggestions for other great seasonal or monthly themes, feel free to suggest away. Last week we got to take a look at arguably the most terrifying Doctor Who monsters of all time.

This chapter was a bit of a challenge as it involved portraying action, in this case a rather intense battle with a fearsome many legged monster, with all 5 of the protagonists of Rise of the White Spider. I hope the action doesn't come off as too confused and that readers enjoy their first foray into the Underwold.

I have a feeling it always going to be a bit of a duke-out between WTF WEDNESDAY articles and SCI-FI FANTASY FRIDAY articles because both force me to express myself creatively into very diametrically opposed ways. On one hand, there is the silly humor and on the other more serious fantasy fiction. Regardless, this weeks article covered something I am particularly interested in, Japanese mythology and folklore. Enjoy.

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