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MIXED BAG. PRE-E3 2017: Dreams & Predictions

Salutacions, mis amigos. This isn't so much a comeback as I wanted to speculate and hype myself up a little bit when it comes to this year's E3 and this is the easiest way for me to share my excitement without annoying every person I know. I've been in a weird gaming rut in a couple years but, since Breath of the Wild's release and the general glut of cool games in 2017, I have been a little more optimistic about this being the start of a new gaming golden age. Yes, despite the fact that last year I was pretty beat down by year after year of tired franchises, micro transactions, pre-order bonuses, over-priced HD re-releases and collector's editions, pay-to-win, bad RNG, open world multiplayer games and all the other nonsense that plagues the industry at the moment, I want to try to get excited about this year's e3. I think there is gonna be a lot of exciting news.

 Before that, a short recap of all things I've done since I put the blog on indefinite hiatus to focus on other projects:

Just kidding. I've been writing a lot of content for 1-2 Dungeons and Dragons supplement books, playing tons of Dungeons and Dragons & Overwatch, I'm gonna be an uncle within a week, I'm still working at my deadbeat job but hey I'm in a better place than 2015-2016! Plus check out these awesome cosplays I did last summer at Anime Blues Con:

I feel pretty good at the moment. Now... ON TO THE SHOW!

This section is dedicated to stuff that would personally excite me in 2017. These are dream game announcements that I feel are still feasible. Heck, some of them are almost locks this e3. Hell, if Pokemon's Nintendo Direct hadn't been so lackluster you can bet a Pokemon Switch game would be on the list. BUT ON WITH THE SHOW!

I know we just finished Breath of the Wild but, while the iron is hot, I'd love to see a teaser for a new Legend of Zelda game. I think my dream would be a new Zelda game where Princess Zelda is the hero but I would be super happy to see any new Zelda game. Maybe a Zelda Maker or a new top-down Zelda? Please Nintendo! PLS!

I think this is the most likely game to get an announcement this e3, from this list, is an Animal Crossing title for the Nintendo Switch. I realize Animal Crossing is kinda silly but sometimes I just like the idea of chilling in my own personal village full of cartoon creatures. If Nintendo adds in some community features, allows you to visit your friend's towns, and customize things I think it will be a huge Switch seller.

It's never going to happen BUT...

Valve should make a new game or make the third game in any of their classic franchises. The Orange Box was the best compilation I ever bought, Left 4 Dead inspired my first cosplay, and any of these games getting a sequel would blow the minds of everyone at E3. Alas, Steam is a money machine, so why invest in making new games?

I love Mario games and I love 3D platformers, so the 3D Mario games are probably my favorite series of games. I would love to see HD remasters of Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy 1 & 2. I would even say the latter two are OWED an HD remake. They're two of the best games of all time. Period. Thank you. I'll take my check. Ding.

I love Elder Scrolls IV & V. I don't want a new Fallout (but I'll take it) and I am tired of Elder Scrolls Online teasing me. Just announce where the next Elder Scrolls game will take place Bethesda! Valenwood, Summerset Isle, Elswyr, Hammerfell, and Blackmarsh would all be cool but, for a long shot, let's go crazy and go to Akavir!

This is where I talk about the stuff that I predict each major company and developer will be bringing to the table this year. This is different than my dream list because these are more likely. There are going to be a ridiculous amount of games this year so this is basically the stuff I thing will be announced/shown off/interesting.

Scorpio, MS's next console, will be either the biggest thing at this year's E3 or the biggest disappointment. I think they'll focus on it's VR & 4K features, preview Forza 7 and Halo 6, and try to drum up all the hype they can. There is a lot of hype and mystery going into this E3 but is it too early for a new console?

But as for other games? I think we'll see more of Crackdown, Sea of Thieves and Cuphead. You can also expect them to really push their new subscription service.

I wish I had better predictions but Microsoft doesn't seem as interested in trying to create top tier first party titles like they used to.

Sony's PS4 is the top console at the moment and I expect them to talk about the success of the console. You can also expect them to brag about PS VR. But I think Sony is really gonna dominate with their game line-up (that's why they're doing so well). They will show off more God of War, Gran Turismo Sport, Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts 3, Last of Us 2, Uncharted the Lost Legacy, Death Stranding, Spiderman, Detroit: Become Human, Shenmue 3, Bloodborn 2, Knack 2 and so much more.

If you want some wild predictions? Playstation All-Stars 2, a new Crash Bandicoot, too many Final Fantasy spin-offs and sequels to count, more Dark Souls-esque titles, and a lot of VR games.

PS4's game line-up is so strong that I think I'll wind up getting one by the end of 2017. That's a prediction you can count on.

Super Mario Odyssey will be the focus and it is my most anticipated game of 2017 but..

The Nintendo Switch is pretty hot right now but it needs games. Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Splatoon 2, Arms are central to a strong line-up but Nintendo will probably continue to lack the third party support. Then again, third party has shown interest, but, as much as I want to see Nintendo pull ahead and like my Switch, I don't predict seeing much on that side due to their poor online service but you can expect them to show off Yookah Laylee.

That said... I think Nintendo is gonna show off a lot of new software for 2017 and beyond: I think they will show off the Virtual Console for the Switch, which they will probably launch this summer, and they will also talk about launching a slew of Wii-U ports from Smash Bros to Super Mario Maker to Xenoblade Chronicles. Those ports are gonna help bolster the console's library but I also predict new first party sequels and franchises. 

Animal Crossing, Mario Party, and Warioware are both due for a console release on the platform. I would also not be surprised by a new Luigi's Mansion, Metroid, Pikmin, Starfox, or Fire Emblem title. The weirdest rumor is that the console will be getting a Mario-Raving Rabbids cross-over title. Why Nintendo?

Also the SNES Classic will most likely be revealed for a Christmas release and we will all suffer for it. Also Amiibos. Too many amiibos. My wallet will cry.

You really think Activision is bringing anything besides Call of Duty WWII and Destiny 2 this year? They're gonna make billions this year. The question should be: will either franchise win back disenfranchised gamers like myself.

Maybe something Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk or Skylanders related will also show up.


Sorry. I'm being a jerk. I usually get bored during 90% of any EA conference at E3. I am most excited to see the new Star Wars stuff they have in the works. I am kinda excited about Battlefront 2. So, there is hope.

Ubisoft has already dropped the proverbial shoe for Far Cry 5 and South Park: The Fractured But Whole can't come quickly enough, so what's left for E3 besides showing off those games? I think we're gonna get a new Assassin's Creed announced this year and all signs are pointed to Ancient Egypt.

The little company keeps becoming a bigger and bigger contender against the big three third-party studios: this year I predict an announcement for Fallout 5 and a Wolfenstein, Doom or Evil Within title. I think the new Quake will also be trying to make waves but everyone is abuzz over a rumored space rpg that Bethesda has had in the works. Fingers crossed.

I, honestly, just want a new Elder Scrolls.

I am also excited to see more news about Red Dead Redemption 2, Middle Earth: Shadows of War and Square Enix's rumored Avengers game.

What about you? What did I miss? What should I be excited about?

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