Tuesday, April 26, 2016

WORD OF THE DAY! 4/26/16!

barrel roll [behr-uhl-rol]
1. An aerial maneuver in which the airplane makes a complete rotation while maintain forward momentum at all times.

I featured these cool independently produced fan animations based on the Star Fox characters last year and, finally, after years of hard work of "Fredryk Phox" and his comrades, we have an episode length pilot. And it is fantastic.

They took the characters and setting of the Star Fox franchise, animated them into a more adult style reminiscent of the jazzy Fritz the Cat meeting Bojack Horseman's dry wit and rolled up together in a way that is so good you'd swear you were watching the pilot for a new Adult Swim show.  The music and voice acting just add to the aesthetic of this brilliant piece of hand animation that was clearly a passion project. I really hope there is more coming and just hope Nintendo or someone else doesn't kill it. This is why the internet exists.


And it comes out right on the heels of a new Star Fox game (which may or may not be one of the worst disappointments of the year) and a Star Fox anime short (which is so-so). The latter of which you can enjoy in the link below!

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